Eli the Elk

Meet Eli the Elk!

As Eli says, we need to:
"Conserve today for access tomorrow." 

Join Eli in supporting conservation funding and the protection of our public lands by taking a picture with him outdoors in your favorite natural space. Share it on social media with The Corps Network (@TheCorpsNetwork), the U.S. Forest Service (@forestservice) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (@USDA). Be sure to include the hashtag #EliElk.

Conservation funding - through programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund - is extremely important to the protection of America's most treasured natural spaces. Service and Conservation Corps are also an integral part of maintaining and improving our public lands for all to enjoy. 

The Eli the Elk social media campaign is designed to bring awareness to the importance of conservation funding. 

Click here to download your own printable copy of Eli the Elk!

Join Eli in signing the Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition's petition to renew the LWCF! 

Sample Tweets and Posts 


#EliElk   |   #outdoors4all   |   #LWCF

@TheCorpsNetwork   |   @USDA   |   @forestservice   |   @ElitheElk

I stand with #EliElk to support the protection of public lands thru conservation funding so there can be #outdoors4all

I'm enjoying this public space w/ #EliElk. Fund conservation so there can be #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork

I support #EliElk and his mission to protect the #outdoors4all w/ @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork

#EliElk and I couldn't enjoy this public space w/o conservation funding #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork

#LWCF provides access #outdoors4all #EliElk @USDA @forestservice

Get outside with #EliElk and show your support for #LWCF @USDA @forestservice #outdoors4all

Get outside with #EliElk and show your support for conservation funding @USDA @forestervice #outdoors4all 

I'm outside with my #corps and #EliElk. Without conservation funding we lose #outdoors4all @USDA @forestservice @TheCorpsNetwork 

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