2017 National Conference Plenaries


Community Equity through Career Development
This plenary will highlight Corps and Corps partners that successfully incorporate their programs into the local community and make a conscious effort to engage all community members and collaborate with many different stakeholders. The session will include success stories from both rural and urban communities as well as remarks from funders and partners focused on community and economic equity. Economic empowerment and service as a career pathway will be major themes of this plenary.


Moving Forward Together through Service
National and Community Service has long been used as a strategy to unite communities towards a common goal. Through service, people of different races, faiths, incomes and political backgrounds come together and develop an understanding of each other through the shared process of addressing pressing issues. This plenary will explore the power of National Service programs to create resilient communities, promote civic engagement, and provide individuals with greater opportunity. Gen. Stanley McChrystal will kick-off the session with his vision of a service year for all Americans. This will be followed by a panel during which leaders from the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) and other national service professionals will discuss how service can bring people together and strengthen America.  


Discussing Racial Equity in the Corps Movement
A thought-provoking speaker will begin this session with an honest discussion about racial equity in America. This will be followed by an interactive segment during which conference participants will discuss the issues they see within their own communities regarding racial inequity, as well as effective strategies to address these inequities. The goal of this session is to spark thoughtful discussions about how racial inequities in our communities affect our Corpsmembers, Corps and the Corps Movement as a whole.


From Cities to Forests, Corps promoting Environmental Equity –
From Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles to Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Shenandoah, Corps create a safe space where diverse youth work towards the common goal of creating healthy and sustainable environments. This plenary will bring together individuals from the environmental justice and conservation fields to discuss how Corps represent an overlap between these two movements. Speakers will address how Corps welcome into the conservation movement populations that historically have been excluded. The panel will examine how diversification, cultural competency and inclusion are essential to decreasing environmental hazards that disproportionately affect low-income communities, and increasing the relevancy of outdoor spaces for future, more diverse, generations.


21st Century Conservation Service Corps
The Partnership for the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) will hold its annual meeting to celebrate successes from the past year and discuss strategies for moving forward in the coming year. Speakers during this session will include staff from partner organizations and funders of the 21CSC. The 2017 21CSC Champions of the Year will be awarded during this plenary.