Corpsmember of the Year Winners







Jasmin Angeles Los Angeles Conservation Corps 2016*
Timothy Gunn The Sustainability Institute 2016*
Ronnie "Keoni" Kikala Kupu - Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps 2016*
Katheryne Lewis Montana Conservation Corps 2016*
Angela Noah Northwest Youth Corps 2016*
Gracie Billingsley Rocky Mountain Youth Corps - CO 2015
Harris Cox Civicorps 2015
Mokhtar Mohammadi Onondaga Earth Corps 2015
Jasmine Romero Rocky Mountain Youth Corps - NM 2015
Jeremiah Ruiz Urban Corps of San Diego County  2015
Jon Brito KUPU, Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps 2014
Edgar Galvez Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps 2014
Eliseo Nunez Urban Corps of San Diego County 2014
Linda Santana Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (NM) 2014
Ruby Simonian California Conservation Corps 2014
Candace Washington Civicorps 2014
Luis Gaeta  EOC / Fresno Local Conservation Corps 2013
Alex Hreha  Coconino Rural Environment Corps 2013
Sarah Huff  California Conservation Corps 2013
Brandon Penny  Civicorps 2013
Raghda Raphael  Urban Corps of San Diego 2013
Jesse Roehm  Mile High Youth Corps 2013
Mike Bremer Southwest Conservation Corps 2012
Ladine "JR" Daniels The Sustainability Institute  2012
Maurice Davis Green City Force 2012
Nicholas Jimenez Sequoia Community Corps 2012
Jessica Johnson Centennial Job Corps 2012
Philandrian Tree Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) 2012
De'Andre Alexander Operation Fresh Start 2011
Mari Takemoto-Chock KUPU, Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps 2011
Oscar Alejandro Marquina Utah Conservation Corps 2011
Andrew McKee Phipps CDC/NYC Justice Corps 2011
Tyler Rose Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) 2011
Christopher Thomas California Conservation Corps 2011
William Brandt Urban Corps of San Diego 2010
Corey Brown Mile High Youth Corps 2010
Shanice Long Civicorps 2010
Alejandro Lopez EOC / Fresno Local Conservation Corps 2010
Alisha Peters WSOS Community Action, Inc. 2010
Quintin Williams Utah Conservation Corps  2010
Aaron Dennis Crouse Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) 2009
Arthur Jacuinde EOC / Fresno Local Conservation Corps 2009
Sarah LaRocque Heart of Oregon 2009
Kenneth Mai Los Angeles Conservation Corps 2009
Tatiana Moore Civicorps 2009
Meg Zaleuke AmeriCorps NCCC 2009
Nancy C. Herrara New Jersey Youth Corps, Plainfield 2008
Linnea Heu KUPU, Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps 2008
Marcos Molina Sequoia Community Corps 2008
Matthew Rainey Conservation Corps North Bay 2008
Keith Storr Greater Miami Service Corps 2008
Francisco Vizcarrondo EOC / Fresno Local Conservation Corps  2008
Rosalio "Lio" Cardenas California Conservation Corps (CCC) 2007
Yvette Chischillie Southwest Conservation Corps 2007
Kiwannie James Northwest Piedmont Service Corps 2007
Cop Lieu The Work Group 2007
Tatiana Rodrigues Sacramento Local Conservation Corps  2007
Alana Svensen National Civilian Community Corps 2007
Michael Bridges Conservation Corps of Long Beach 2006
Charley Kakel Rocky Mountain Youth Corps 2006
Crystal Ann Lamb Southwest Conservation Corps 2006
Afton McKusick Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) 2006
Michael Taylor Sequoia Community Corps 2006
Andrew Zimmer Utah Conservation Corps 2006
James Zmudzinski Freno Local Conservation Corps  2006
Kim Alston Civic Works 2005
Patricia Bohnwagner Urban Corps of San Diego 2005
Kayje Booker Washington Service Corps 2005
Germain Castellanos Youth Conservation Corps 2005
Diony Gamoso Conservation Corps North Bay 2005
Erik Hurd EOC / Fresno Local Conservation Corps 2005
Lasharee Jones The Service Collaborative of WNY, Inc. 2005
Jennifer Mack American Youthworks 2005
Jessica Martinez Los Angeles Conservation Corps 2005

* 2016 Corpsmembers of the Year received their award at The Corps Network's 2016 National Conference in Washington, DC (February 7 - 10, 2016)