Corpsmembers of the Year


Congratulations to the 2018 Corpsmembers of the Year!
The Awardees were recognized at The Corps Network National Conference,
The Trail Ahead, held February 11-14, 2018.

A special thank you to Delaware North for sponsoring
the 2018 Corpsmembers of the Year!


Kiara Alexis

Earl Bowman
Delaware State Parks Veterans Conservation Corps
*21CSC Corpsmember of the Year

Esperanzita Castillo
Greater Miami Service Corps

Holden Foley
Conservation Corps of the Forgotten Coast

Senga Lukingama
Urban Corps of San Diego County

Lance Tubinaghtewa
Arizona Conservation Corps - Ancestral Lands


About the Award

Every year, at The Corps Network’s National Conference in Washington, DC, we honor a select group of exceptional Corpsmembers from our member Service and Conservation Corps. These young men and women have exceeded the expectations of their Corps by exhibiting outstanding leadership skills and demonstrating an earnest commitment to service and civic engagement. The Corpsmembers of the Year are role models; their personal stories and accomplishments are an inspiration to Corpsmembers nationwide.

As a member organization, we proudly represent over 100 organizations that operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Approximately 23,000 young men and women join these organizations each year so that they can make a difference. They serve on a broad range of projects, viewing themselves as the modern legacy-bearers of the legendary Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Unquestionably, all 23,000 of these young men and women who serve have fascinating stories to tell. The Corpsmember of the Year Award is our way of recognizing how Corps, and the actions of these young individuals, make a positive impact in our communities and in the lives of others.


How are Corpsmembers of the Year Chosen?

In the fall, The Corps Network solicits Corpsmember of the Year nominations from our member Corps. The nomination form consists of two parts: one in which Corps staff explain how the nominee exceeds expectations and acts as a positive influence; and one in which the Corpsmember writes about his or her Corps experience. Nominations are reviewed by a panel consisting of members of our Corps Council, and staff from The Corps Network and our member Corps.


Past Winners

Click here for a list of past Corpsmembers of the Year. The Award has been given out at every National Conference since 2005.