Workforce Investment

In 2010 more than $63 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects (also known as stimulus funding) were granted to Service and Conservation Corps throughout the country by 15 federal agencies. These projects provided youth with jobs and service opportunities. At The Corps Network, we work to ensure that workforce investment funding continues to come to our effective programs.

The Corps Network is a member of the Campaign for Youth, which focuses attention on the needs of young people who are out of work, out of school and out of the mainstream. Campaign for Youth advocates for the expansion of those opportunities and supports that prepare youth for their future roles as workers, parents, civic leaders and engaged members of caring communities.

We also advocate for passage of The Youth Corps Act, a bill that if passed would create a funding stream at the Department of Labor that would be accessible to youth corps programs nationwide, helping them to expand the number of youth that their programs can serve.