Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative

The Corps Network stands ready and willing to assist the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council with the ecosystem and economic restoration of the Gulf Coast in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Download our Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative White Paper

The Initiative:
Corps have a long history of responding to disasters and meeting critical needs in a cost effective manner while employing, training and providing service opportunities for local young people and veterans.

We aim to build Conservation Corps capacity in the Gulf Coast through a five-year project designed to provide ecosystem restoration and build the infrastructure necessary to sustain existing and establish new Conservation Corps programs in underserved areas across the gulf coast. 

The Need:
Over the last decade, the Gulf Coast has been battered by natural and man-made disasters, one of the most notable being the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which released 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf.

Although we have yet to see the long-term environmental and economic impact of recent disasters (ranging from the oil spill to hurricanes and flooding), mobilizing a trained workforce to effectively carry out restoration programs is the best way we can diminish any further ecological degradation.

The Solution:
Through the Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative, The Corps Network can begin to repair and revitalize the Gulf’s ecosystem while providing training to local youth, creating jobs, and stimulating economic development.

Our goal: employ local youth and veterans on restoration projects across the Gulf Coast and to establish local Conservation Corps which will continue the legacy of inspiring young people to serve their communities and embark on pathways to promising careers.

Corps-building on the Gulf Coast:
Having provided critical leadership to the Corps movement for almost 30 years, The Corps Network will assist in establishing a Conservation Corps legacy throughout the Gulf Coast. TCN’s success in establishing and developing partnerships, providing technical assistance and training, disseminating Corps’ best practices, and administering pilot and national programs (including an Educational Award Program) will be essential to creating quality and sustainable Restoration Corps. By calling on the collective knowledge of our member organizations, TCN hopes to use the Corps model to empower youth and engage local communities in restoration of the Gulf. 

As of August 2017, The Corps Network is working with The Nature Conservancy and The Student Conservation Association (SCA) on GulfCorps: a program, made possible by a RESTORE Act grant administered by NOAA, that will help existing Corps in the Gulf engage 300 local young adults in conservation service and workforce development over the course of three years. 



Project Examples

Coastal Restoration Maintenance & Monitoring

Bank stablization

Marsh creation

Barrier island restoration

Riparian habitat restoration

Construction of shelters, kiosks, cabins

Construction of nesting boxes, fishing piers

Erosion control

Irrigation system construction

Emergency Response Assessments, Studies

Debris removal

Hazardous material clean up

Levee protection

Tree removal

Environmental sampling

Population studies

Species monitoring

Boundary surveys

Download Fact Sheet on the Gulf Corps Alliance
(September 2016)


Download The Corps Network Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative white paper - SECOND EDITION
(January 2016)


Download The Corps Network Gulf Coast Restoration Initiative Pilot Project - Final Report: Phase I & II Pilot Projects 
(September 2015)


Gulf Coast Restoration Corps white paper - FIRST EDITION


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