Veterans Conservation Corps

Veterans Conservation Corps empower veterans to transition to civilian life by leveraging their leadership experience to meet pressing conservation needs on public lands. Many of the programs were created through a collaborative initiative with Veterans Green Jobs (VGJ), which provides supportive services. 

The basic program model allows for veterans to serve together full-time for ten or more weeks completing conservation projects focused on wildfire protection, recreation enhancement, and habitat restoration. Corpsmembers receive trainings and certifications, are paid a living allowance and often receive a post-program education award. The Conservation Corps programs mobilize and supervise the crews, as well as provide transportation, gear, and tools. VGJ provides wrap-around supportive services including screening, benefits coordination and postprogram placement. 

Conservation Corps who have operated or currently operate veterans corps include:

Federal and State land management agencies oversee projects and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) provides AmeriCorps awards and (at times) funding. 

Veterans Conservation Corps programs have been featured in the New York Timeson CNN, and on For more information, please view and download The Corps Network's publication Veteran Service & Conservation Corps: Career Pathways Through Continued Service.

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